a pawn in queens' shoes
Lucy Saxon, the Master's wife
Yes, I am aware I married a maniac. Yes, I'm aware he'd destroy my species if he got the chance. No, I don't particularly care. No, I don't want your input on the matter. No, I'm probably not as nice as you think I am.

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Back from my trip. Does SWLiS still… exist…?

Fill me in?



I have some wifi so I thought I’d check up on the group, and Dia quit? What? Can someone let me know what’s happening with the group?

Stephanie and LeeAnn said they’d step in as interim admins until we figure out what we’re doing, but we’re trying to get a group chat or something together to figure out our future

The group voted me co-admin when Dia was looking for them, if people still want me I’d be happy to once I get back from my trip. (Not trying to take the position from LeAnn and Stephanie or anything, I completely trust them, but yeah.)

Fill me in?

I have some wifi so I thought I’d check up on the group, and Dia quit? What? Can someone let me know what’s happening with the group?

So since Dia never published the ask I sent, I should do it in a post.

The reason I haven’t been online is I was at CTCon for the past two days, working on cosplay and other stuff for the week. Tomorrow, I’m leaving for Europe for a student travel program. I will be gone for three weeks and I won’t have my laptop with me. See you all August 3rd.

visiting hours | saxon-lucy


"No," he said.  "Don’t be ridiculous, Lucy.  It doesn’t suit you."  He got off the bed and started pacing up and down the room, clasping his hands together while his eyes darted around at the various gauges and equipment.  "Right now I have something more important to do.  I’m going to get you out of here."

After snooping around the room a bit he managed to find some kind of synopsis of her current condition and cause of injury.  Of course, she’d already told him the gist, but he wanted to make sure she wasn’t delusional from potential head trama.  When that was sorted, he checked the medicines they had her on and stole a glance at her heart-rate monitor.  ”This is better standard,” he mused, then turned his attention back to her.  ”As soon as I located my TARDIS I can have this set up there.  No need for you to sit in a hospital bed.”  He paused, wondering if he even had a TARIDS because of how the rift sucked him out of the time lock.  Regardless, he could set this up with a basic chemistry setup and some things from a hardware store.

She wanted to protest that she wasn’t being ridiculous, it was a perfectly reasonable fear, but that was an easy way to make it even more reasonable by provoking him. Again, Lucy stayed silent, aside from a very small-voiced “I’m sorry”. She watched him look around the room with a pounding heart. He was getting her out of here. She didn’t want to be in the hospital, but- well, who knew where he intended to take her? What he intended to do? The fact that she wasn’t going to be killed didn’t make the prospect of being alone with him any better. After a year alone with him, she knew what he was truly like.

With effort, Lucy sat up a little bit to see him better. Checking the medical equipment. So she’d still be in a bed strapped to monitors, it’d just be him watching them. Lovely. He didn’t have a TARDIS, though. Good to know. It was one thing to be in a flat or a house with him, but a TARDIS? It would be so much more isolating, she wasn’t sure if she could manage it. Hopefully he wouldn’t find one. “What are you looking at?”

visiting hours | saxon-lucy


"You’re going to go into an explosion without expecting to survive?  Isn’t that a badly thought out plan.  You really do need me around."  If Lucy was trying to gain some independence by creating schemes of her own, she really was awful at it.  Really, she needed his help.  Normally, he’d be wary of her trying to kill him again, but in her state that really wasn’t an option.  They’d have a conversation about that later.

"Kill you?" he questioned.  The thought had briefly crossed his mind before he came in, but he didn’t see a point.  No fun in killing someone when they were so close to death anyway, and she really hadn’t annoyed him enough to warrant murder.  She did try to kill you, he thought, but he ignored it.  Her failure served as a lesson in itself, that there was no way to best him.  Better let that speak for itself than waste a potential ally.

Lucy didn’t respond to his condescension. He would never- no, could never- understand. It wasn’t even that she hadn’t expected to live, it was that she didn’t want to. And there he was, hundreds of years old and resurrected more times than she could know. His will to live was indestructible; he’d shattered hers.

His repetition of the question sent a chill down her back. It sounded as if he was considering the possibility, something she didn’t even want to think about. It was entirely possible he hadn’t even thought of killing her before she brought it up, which really would be just her luck. She wanted to be dead, yes, but she certainly didn’t want him to do it. She’d rather it just kind of… happen. Still, she could hope he didn’t actually plan to, however frail it would be. “You’re not?” she asked, allowing herself a bit of optimism.

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The cake is a lie.

Is it now.

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The Enrichment Center is required to remind you that you will be baked, and then there will be cake.

Um. That’s very nice.

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